Ensure your diamonds remain sparkly and jewellery splendid by cleaning them regularly. It is a good idea to bring them to a jewellery shop for some tender loving care from time to time. We are also available if you need a reliable estimate of the value of your jewellery.

You should always allow a jeweller check your gemstone jewellery that is in daily use. Rings are often subjected to wear and tear and hence the settings of the stones might wear down or loosen up. All other jewellery can be checked when you feel there is a need for it, perhaps with an interval of a few years at the time.

The most important task that should be repeated often is care and cleansing of jewellery. Dirt that accumulate around the pieces make the metal surfaces mat whilst the gemstones lose their brightness.

Diamonds attract grease to them, which is why diamond rings that are worn daily should be washed once a week. Once the base of the diamond is covered with dirt, its brilliance is gone. Jewellery with gemstones in light colours remain beautiful when they are washed on a weekly basis. You should wash all other jewellery in daily use approximately once a month.  

Washing is simple. A soft children’s toothbrush or an equivalent small brush and washing up liquid is ideal for cleaning jewellery. It is worth using a bowl or at least use a sink with a plug whilst washing jewellery; otherwise small parts and possibly loose stones might go down the drain. All jewellery is placed in water with washing up liquid for a couple of minutes. All cavities and the base of the stones are brushed clean. After this the jewellery is rinsed with plenty of water and dried gently with a towel. You can actually dry most pieces on top of a towel with a hair dryer.

Some gemstones are sensitive and therefore you need to clean them with great caution. Porous gemstones such as emeralds, turquoises, corals, pearls and opals are very sensitive.

You should clean pearl jewellery with outmost care. It is actually best to allow professionals take care of the care and cleaning.

Pearls should be re-stringed once a year, a little depending on how much they have been worn. As we restring your pearls we also care for the cleansing of them.

We don’t recommend that you clean antique jewellery in the manner described above. The care of antique jewellery should be left to professionals only.

Our services also include the valuation of jewellery for insurance or estate settlement purposes. We are always ready to help our customer with anything related to jewellery – in complete confidence, of course. Valuations from € 145 per hour. 

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